Our Founder

DW Summer 2020
I grew up in South Louisiana - a Cajun girl from the bayou. My schooling brought me to Washington, DC and it was from there, in 2007, that I began traveling to and working in Africa. The first city I visited was Nairobi, Kenya, and I fell head over heels in love with the energy, cultures, languages, politics and especially the art. That first visit changed the trajectory of my career, and the many subsequent visits changed me. I was introduced to new perspectives on life and art, and my travels opened the door to great friendships and fantastic adventures. 
I established Luxe Lion, because during my travels I'd met incredible designers with distinct points of view, and their work didn't have much visibility outside of Africa. I wanted to raise the profile of these sustainable brands while supporting the designers' efforts to give back to the local community and build meaningful work opportunities for local men and women.
Building Luxe Lion is a labor of love that has been filled with failures and missteps. But our mission and the teams behind the brands of Luxe Lion's partners keep me energized and committed to building a company that launches African designers and makes them global brands.