Adele Dejak

Home grown in Kenya, but infused with an entire continent’s vibe, the Adele Dejak brand has come to epitomize cutting edge unique fashion accessories for the urban woman.

With meticulous attention to detail, team Adele Dejak has pushed the envelope for years -- not just for ourselves but for the entire sub-sector as well. Innovation is crucial to our success: we are always on the look-out for that different way of doing things.

Time and lots of hard work are required to create beautifully handmade items that meet our standards. The aim is not to produce a flawless piece, but something uniquely handmade, bearing the fingerprints of its human, rather than mechanical, nature.

Adornment is not just an artisan’s business in Africa, it is a matter of identity. It is matter of culture; it is about feeling proud and happy about who you are. It is that culture that Adele Dejak has reinvented to provide that same unique feeling to the urban woman who decides to stick out from the crowd and express her own style.