J. Laurence by Hazel Scrimgeour

The name J.Laurence comes from my granny's maiden name; Jean Laurence. She was a stylish lady that only wore the most beautiful classic clothes. As young girls my sister and I would go into her large wooden trunk and host fashion shows with her red velvet ball gowns and lace gloves.

I chose the name J.Laurence because it reminds me of a classic past, where quality and timeless beauty was everything.  My dream is that a J.Laurence scarf is a piece that you will keep forever, that one day a little girl will quietly open and enjoy the world that my granny created for me.

Designed in South Africa, J.Laurence scarves draw inspiration from different eras, art and the designers love for design and travel. Each design is a complete and individual composition that is hand drawn and created from scratch then colored to ensure the bold rich colors. The color-pallet is chosen to match the colors of the seasons to complement any outfit.

J.Laurence scarves are classic timeless pieces that make a statement and are an addition to any wardrobe. At J.Laurence we are also obsessed with quality and fine finishes so our scarves are 100% silk twill made in Como, Italy and delivered in a navy box with gold foiling, to ensure the safety and quality of the scarf.