Welcome to the Good Things!

Danielle in Cape Town

Hello hello hello! And welcome to Luxe Lion's first journal entry. In a time of such chaos, disruption and uncertainty, it feels more important than ever that we focus on the good things in life. So we decided to create a place and build a community that helps us to do just that. 

The Good Things will look at the world through a lens of gratitude, humor and vision for what could be. We're highlighting good news stories and the crazy cool work of people in their communities and professional fields. We'll share some of our favorite products, Luxe Lion news, things that make us laugh, inspirational tales of entrepreneurship, positive movements in art and culture, and heart warming accounts of the goodness of humanity. 

We hope you visit often, engage heavily, and experience joy here with us.

You can find our posts on the website and we'll link to them through Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. 

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